Ways To Remind Yourself To Drink Water

Water water everywhere, but not much of it goes into our bodies!!

This is true for everyone of us who forget to drink water. Those who need constant reminders to stay hydrated. I was definitely one of them. But I have my own ways which help me stay on the track and prevents deprivation to my body. I thought I’d share those with you. I hope it helps.

  1.  The first is to set an alarm or a reminder on the phone. Yes, you heard me. We set an alarm for almost everything right! Be it someone’s birthday, be it picking some grocery on the way or be it responding to an email. We have reminders for tons and tons of things. So now, add one more thing into it. Set it for every hour. Believe me, you’ll just need a few days to remind yourselves, and then your body will adjust.IMG-6954
  2. If you are like me and love journaling or writing or maintaining a planner, then you might already be making a to do list for the next day. So, why not draw a few glasses there every single day and cross them out every time you drink one. This is a grrreeeaat idea. I mean, you don’t have to get very creative with it but admit it, it works as a ‘hydration checklist’.
  3. The next way to constantly remind yourself to have this miracle drink is to always, always have a bottle with you. It can be on the work desk, or your handbag or in your car or your bedside table. The more you see it, the more you’ll have it. I have developed a habit over the years. I can now never imagine myself leaving my house without a water bottle. Even if my handbag for the day is smaller in size, I’d carry a small bottle. But it has to be there. Like a friend who never gives up on me. 😀
  4. We lose water from our body every time we urinate. This itself is a reminder. The more frequently you have it, more will be the toxins removed from the body. So every time you lose some, do gain some.
I do like to have coconut water at times to hydrate myself
  1. And finally. Green tea. Those who have it already know it’s a diuretic. It increases the rate of toxin removal from the body. But for those toxins to get removed, your body must need enough water. And that can be done if you sip water every time you have green tea. Not at the same time, a bit later. But it’s important to have it.

This is what I do. I’m sure some of you might have even better ideas. And I’m all ears. Do let me know.

Till then, love love.


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