Body Lotions v/s Body Butters

Same flavor, same fragrance, same color. Yet we get confused while buying these creams. Shall I go for a lotion or for a butter ?!? This is the most common question I ask myself while getting one.

In this informative post, we’ll see the differences between the both and their usage. I’m going to make is as simple as possible.

The only lotion I grew up applying is Nivea. That was it. Nothing else. Partly because I loved it and partly because I didn’t really go out exploring some other products. But now that I do, I make sure I get the perfect one.

Formula : Lotions are usually water based and butters are mostly oil based.

Usage : If you have a very very dry skin, go for body butters. They are intensely hydrating and moisturizing. But if you are someone with a normal or oily skin, go for lotions. Again, if you’re buying it for winters, then definitely go or a body butter.

Shelf life : Body butters have a better shelf life.

Consistency : Butters are thicker and take some time to get absorbed in the skin whereas lotions are light and don’t give a greasy feeling unlike body butters.

So next time when you get confused, always remember your skin type and the type of usage you have.


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