Are You Alive??

Heya! This is my first ever art post and I’m so so excited. Art has always been a therapy for me. Right since my childhood, I’ve been a self taught artist. I’ve learnt a lot of things. Be it fashion designing, or making jewelry or painting glasses and fabrics. My latest obsession is watercolors. I’ve been painting a lot now-a-days. I don’t make perfect painting, I agree but still, I’ll take you through what I did last night.

Almost all my artworks are a reflection of what I felt at that moment. I try to seal it with colors so that I can see it forever. 🙂

Photo 02-08-18, 8 47 42 AM
You alive? Bas toh, kya fark padta hain?

Okay! So this one contains a few hindi words and I understand a lot of you might not understand it. So for all my non-hindi speakers and international readers, here is the explanation-

Are you alive? If you are, be grateful for that. Nothing else is bigger than ‘having a life’. Be happy for it. For there are so many amongst us who are struggling with a lot of life threatening problems and diseases. I’m sure they will fight their way out. But the thing is, life is a ‘luxury’ for a few of us. So, let’s respect it. Things like-the dress doesn’t fit me, I don’t have my own house, I don’t get paid enough, I couldn’t pay the bills on time or may be the delivery boy didn’t come on time-don’t matter. Show gratitude for what you have and don’t repent for what you don’t. 

Photo 02-08-18, 8 46 24 AM

Photo 02-08-18, 8 48 01 AM
The paper I’m using is from my tan colored art journal.

The equipments I’ve used

  1. Camlin water colors, set of 18 colors
  2. Luxor color pens
  3. Micron 0.8 black pen
  4. Camlin brushes, depending on your preference
Photo 02-08-18, 8 49 22 AM
Weapons of mass ‘constructions’

Photo 02-08-18, 8 49 56 AM


Until next time, keep coloring your life with happiness!


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