Nicka K Perfect 9 Color Eyeshadow – AP018 – Review

Okay! So I really wanted to have a nice shimmery not too glittery kinda eyeshadow for the longest time ever. I had the L’Oreal gold palette but I wanted something more. Hence, I got my hand on this beautiful looking shimmery palette. It’s been a few days since I’m using it and thought to review it for you guys.

Here we go!

What the brand says : Nicka K New York Nine Color eyeshadow is available in dazzling three sleek palettes each perfect for creating uniquely colorful eyes. Each palette features nine vibrant shades and an applicator for blending, to highlight, define and contour eyes.

  • Highly pigmented and long lasting.
  • Crease-resistant.
  • Highly saturated shimmer pigments.
  • Compact eye shadow palette that helps achieve flawless eye makeup looks.

Photo 01-08-18, 6 09 32 PM

Photo 01-08-18, 6 08 43 PM

Price : INR 550

Quantity : 14.1 gm

What I liked : The shades and the pigmentation is amazing. Sometimes, I use it as a thick liner for my outings. I even top it up with a black liner and it creates a different look. I love doing that. I haven’t really tried out the brush that comes with it, because I’ve never really liked the brushes that come within.

What I didn’t like : The shades are not as glittery as they appear. They have an upper layer which has a lot of glitter but then as you go down, they appear to be normal eye shadows. Especially the black one. But yes, they do have a shine which works for me.

Swatches : 

Photo 01-08-18, 6 04 45 PM
Second line, from left to right
Photo 01-08-18, 6 07 46 PM
Line 1, from left to right

Would I recommend : Yes, if you don’t want a lot of glitter



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